Heat exchanger design excellence through research

The special partnership between HTFS® and its customers via the Aspen HTFS Research Network™ ensures that AspenTech's heat exchange software will meet both current and future business needs.

Heat Exchanger Research Facility at NEL

Open literature heat exchange methods may be sufficient for simple heat exchange, but are inadequate for the exacting challenges of modern process design and optimization. Often the engineer is faced with processes involving multi-component boiling, condensing or simultaneous heat and mass transfer. Advanced methods generated from an on-going programme of research are therefore required. HTFS Research comprises both painstaking experimental study and expert analysis to develop our proprietary theoretical models and correlations. This on-going programme ensures that the latest and most accurate methods are available within AspenTech's HTFS™ family of heat exchanger software. In addition, methods and source data are directly available to members through the Research Network website. Research results update methods in our software on an ongoing basis. In turn, the Research Network documents the development of methods and models arising from our experimental and analytical research.

The research covers the following areas:


More information about current research activities in the above three areas is available on the Research Network website.

Research Network members are intimately involved in developing our strategy for research and software through participation in Review Panels. These Panels provide effective way of ensuring that customer feedback and specific industry interests are taken into account at the early stages of research and software development cycle. Feedback from all members is obtained through an Annual Questionnaire.

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