Aspen HTFS Research NetworkTM

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A valid Research Network licence as well as a user ID and password are required to access the information held on this part of the HTFS web site. Please contact your company's HTFS representative.


The Aspen HTFS Research Network provides a comprehensive reference to the science and technology supporting the Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating programs.


It provides online access to a number of features including:

  • HTFS Handbook: a comprehensive reference to heat exchanger theory and practice.
  • HTFS Design Reports: detailed derivation and comparisons of design methods; validation of design procedures and description of the technical methods used in the HTFS programs.
  • HTFS Research Reports: generated from our extensive research programme since 1971.
  • HTFS HEATFLO: a bibliographic reference database containing references to over 120,000 high quality experimental and theoretical research papers in the field of applied heat transfer and fluid flow relevant to the needs of the chemical process and power industries.
  • HTFS Tools: which supplement the range of HTFS software.


  • Influence product direction: participate on the Review Panels which monitor the progress of research and software development and assist in the definition of priorities.
  • Improved design: It also enables full understanding of the heat exchange models, assumptions and correlations used within AspenTech's heat exchanger software, to help ensure quality designs.
  • Improved process operations: Provides access to a knowledge base to optimize and troubleshoot plant performance.
  • Increased engineering efficiency: Provides data for the development or update of in-house models, correlations and tools to ensure these are based on the latest and most accurate methodology.

IMPORTANT : To view certain documents you will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader version 6 or later  installed on your computer.

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