Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger

Maximize process throughput through more efficient design and operation of your plate-fin exchanger

Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger is a new application for sizing, simulation or rating of multi-stream compact plate-fin heat exchangers which are vital to the profitable operation of many modern gas processing applications including large-scale LNG production.


  • Offers improved precision and flexibility to tackle the most challenging exchanger configurations being applied today.
  • Allows the engineer to design new heat exchangers or simulate the performance of existing exchangers.
  • Provides advanced modelling capabilities, enabling engineers to model multi-stream units with co- or counter-current flow and almost any complexity of exchanger inlet and outlet geometry.
  • Simulations provide the design engineer with thermal analysis on a stream-by-stream or layer-by-layer basis to facilitate optimal operation, maximize throughput and energy efficiency without impairing safety or reliability
  • Enables engineers to investigate process alternatives with different operating scenarios, providing the potential for significant capital savings.


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