General Tools

  • Compare File Utility
  • WORD Lineprinter File Viewer
  • PSF File Generator Utility
  • XML Encoding Utility

Program specific tools

  • ACOL Intout File Definition
  • Importing ACOL detailed tables to Excel
  • Running ACOL from Excel
  • Running ACOL from Excel for bundles in series
  • ACOL: Shared Fans Utility
  • ACOL5 to Aspen ACOL Converter
  • APLE Intout File Definition
  • PlateDesign Excel Visual Basic Application
  • SeriesPHEs Excel Visual Basic Application
  • ExplorePHEs Excel Visual Basic Application
  • MUSE Intout File Definition
  • TASC Intout File Definition
  • Running TASC from Excel
  • HTRI to HTFS File Conversion Assistant
  • TASC-Excel Adapter System (TExAS)
  • FIHR-Excel Integration Tool (FIHR-ExIT)

Note: There is no security associated with these tools. However, many of the tools utilise components of other programs, for which you may need appropriate authorisation.

Licencees of the HTFS Research Network can access the tools via the website.

The tools are provided as is. They have been tested but this testing has not been as extensive as for the HTFS programs. We are happy to take comments on any of the utilities.

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